When everyone loves that book but you – Modern Mrs Darcy

I’ve got two books and a podcast to recommend…

I don’t often chime in because usually Anne’s got them spot on, but I happen to be libarian (aka book-obsessed wife) to a sci-fi fan myself. So much so, that I insisted he listened to this episode this week, because every single book mentioned seemed right up his alley.

Just this week, someone recommended the novel Redshirts. I/he hasn’t read it yet, but if you’re at all a casual Trekkie, this comes highly recommended as a good fun, but smart read from a trusted source, so I feel confident passing along the recommendation.

Another along the same lines of Star Trek (sorry! we’re a Trek household), but completely different, and likely would appeal to all sci-fi fans, Trekkies or no, is the non-fiction Trekonomics. The author explores whether that world, with all its perfection is even possible for humanity someday. Fascinating.

And for a podcast, I was reminded of a This American Life episode when you mentioned you’d like to read more diversely. TAL had a great episode a couple months ago that I cannot shut up about, centering on Afrofuturism (a concept I had not even heard of). So many interesting things taking place, and I saw that several above recommended Octavia Butler, which they do also, but the whole episode is really worth a listen: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/623/we-are-in-the-future

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