What makes a great book club novel? – Modern Mrs Darcy

What do you think about Dear Mr. Knightley for a book club pick? I need to read that one regardless; it’s on my nightstand (along with another dozen I need to get to!).

Some books we’ve had good discussions on: Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore; The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom; The Colour of Water by James McBride — I just realized these are all nonfiction, biography-types! There’s just something about a true story, I guess.

We’ve also had a lot of luck with classics: Jane Eyre, Gone With the Wind, Les Miserables. (We read these ones over the summer and don’t meet in July, so we have an extra month to get through these tomes!)

A good polarizing fictional one was A Light Between Oceans. And polarizing nonfiction: Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother.

This month we are reading The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery. Even though I can’t imagine anyone not loving this book, I think it make for a good discussion, just because the themes are universal. (Maybe I’m committing the sin mentioned above, of talking about the issues in the book more than the book itself! That’s how our book club rolls, though, and I’m good with it.)

One thing I love about book clubs is that I almost always go away from them liking the book a little more, having seen it through someone else’s eyes. The other thing I love: it introduces me to books I’d never pick up otherwise. (I’ve had friends in the past who pick and choose which book club books they read, based on the genre they prefer … and I think, “why are you even in a book club??”)

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