How to Be a Little Bit Better at Everything

I’ve known for a long time that clutter is one of my “trigger points.” Cluttered spaces make me irritable.

But I’ve realized lately that clutter also keeps me from getting my work done–especially creative work.

The clutter puts me in a grumpy frame of mind, but that’s not all–it also diminishes my ability to focus. The research backs up my personal observation.

This isn’t new news: authors I admire have been saying for years that clutter kills productivity:

Steven Pressfield says clutter is part of the Resistance that keeps you from doing the things that matter.

Marla Cilley (FlyLady) says, “To find peace I had to get rid of enough clutter so I could breathe. My clutter was stifling my creativity.”

David Allen says you have to cut through the clutter to get things done.

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan says living in a cluttered space raises your stress level and saps your energy.

I have mental clutter to deal with, too, but today I’m just talking about physical clutter. I’ve been clearing it out, so I can focus on the things that matter.

So if you want to boost your productivity, clean up your clutter, and be a little bit better at everything.

Do you have a quick and easy clutter-clearing tip? Here’s mine.

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