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3rd Oct

Taken by Benedict Jacka

by Benedict Jacka
Series: Alex Verus #3
Narrator: Gildart Jackson
Length: 10 hours and 6 minutes
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Narration: 4.5 cups Speed: 1.3x

This time last year, I could go weeks without seeing another mage. In mage society I was an unknown and, all in all, that was how I liked it. It’s hard to say what changed. Whatever it was, I got involved in the magical world again and started getting myself a reputation.

Alex Verus’s insights into the future used to be the best-kept secret in London. Now, with the aid of his apprentice, Luna, his unique investigative talents are all the rage. He just has to be careful about picking his employers, because everyone – even the beautiful woman who practically begs him to run security for a prestigious tournament – has motives that can be hard to predict. And Alex doesn’t do unpredictable.

But his latest gig just might be impossible. Apprentices have been vanishing without a trace – and someone on the Council could be involved. Alex has no evidence, no witnesses, and no suspects. All he knows is that someone is keeping tabs on him. And after assassins target Luna’s classmate, Alex sees that he doesn’t know the half of it – and that he could be the next to disappear.

Taken in the third audiobook in the Alex Verus series by Benedict Jacka. Narrated by Gildart Jackson, Taken was an addictive, action-packed tale as Alex and young Mage apprentices try to solve a rather cunning mystery.

Alex is approached to run security for a prestigious tournament and declines that is until young apprentices go missing. Then of course he and Luna, his own Mage apprentice are in the thick of things. There will be challenges, death and displays of clever wit.

Jacka gives us more time with Luna, and it was fun seeing her amongst the other young apprentices. We learned more about the world, while getting to know her. We meet new characters, explore new places and work our way through suspects, including those on the council. It was loads of fun.

Alex was brilliant, funny, and handled multiple issues including a personal challenge involving a duel at sunrise. He’s a reluctant hero, but all around good guy and I liked seeing him in the role of mentor, leader and teacher. He is true to his own moral compass and I love that.

Listening to this series is a blast, and Gildart Jackson does a splendid job bringing the characters to life through tone, and emotional inflections. For me, he has become the voice of Alex, Luna, and others.

There are currently ten audiobooks in the series, and I am excited to dive into Chosen, book four in the next month.

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