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9th Mar

Stealing Mr. Right by Tamara Morgan

Stealing Mr. Right
by Tamara Morgan
Series: Penelope Blue #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne Star
Heat Level: One FlameOne Flame

I’m a wanted jewel thief.
He’s FBI.
What’s that saying? Keep your friends close…and your husband closer.

Being married to a federal agent certainly has its perks.

1. I just love the way that man looks in a suit.
2. This way I always know what the enemy is up to.

Spending my days lifting jewels and my nights tracking the Bureau should have been a genius plan. But the closer I get to Grant Emerson, the more dangerous this feels. With two million dollars’ worth of diamonds on the line, I can’t afford to fall for my own husband.

It turns out that the only thing worse than having a mortal enemy is being married to one. Because in our game of theft and seduction, only one of us will come out on top.

Good thing a cat burglar always lands on her feet.

I was intrigued by the synopsis of STEALING MR. RIGHT by Tamara Morgan, it reminded me a little of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. An FBI agent married to a jewel thief sounded like a fun afternoon escape. While the back and forth timelines were jarring at times, STEALING MR. RIGHT delivered humor, an exciting heist and lots of twists.

In Morgan’s novel she introduces us to Penelope Blue, the daughter of a notorious thief who disappeared after attempting to steal a two-million dollar necklace. Left to live on the streets, she and her partners in crime have successfully pulled off heists that have left her with a tidy sum. However, she is haunted by the loss of her father’s disappearance and hidden windfall. She and her friends have spent seven years searching for it. They are in the middle of stealing the same necklace when Grant Emerson, her husband, and FBI agent shows up on the scene and they abandon the heist. The story that unfolds takes place in both the present and the past.

Current Timeline:  Penelope is married to Grant, but still pulling off cases but his presence ruins her chances of getting her hands on the necklace. Things get interesting when Grant is assigned to protect the jewelry. ONLY it’s a lot more complicated than that. What unfolds was brilliant with lots of twists, turns, and shocking discoveries.

Past Timeline: This takes us through the courtship of Grant and Penelope and offered insight into both. These two are playing a game of cat and mouse. But what is their end game and who will get caught? Mogan weaves past and present together for the romantic aspect of their story all while pulling both threads into the current mystery. It was neat seeing events from the past storyline tie into the present storyline.

The story started off very slowly for me, and admittedly I struggled with the back and forth timeline. I needed to feel connected, and that didn’t happen until the 46% mark. I will say, that the remainder of the story was addictive, with puzzle pieces falling into place, suspenseful moments and FINALLY as a reader establishing a connection with the couple. I became a part of the story, one of the gang.

I ended up loving the characters and appreciated how developed the secondary characters were. Penelope is funny, with witty comments but she is also pretty ingenious at devising a plan and sneaking into weird places. Grant, is an FBI agent through and through but he is also loyal, and the more Morgan peeled back his layers, the harder I fell.

So despite my initial struggles, I whole-heartedly recommend STEALING MR. RIGHT and plan to read SAVING MR. PERFECT. Now that the pesky back and forth is over I am ready to spend more time with Penelope and Grant.

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