Caffeinated Reviewer | How the Heck Did You Do That?? Blogger Tips and Tricks #5

How the Heck Did You Do That?? Blogger Tips and Tricks #5

December 29th, 2012
Blogger Tips and Tricks

29th Dec


How the Heck Did You Do That?!?

Blogger Tips and Tricks #5

1. How do I make a popular review image slider for my blog?

  • First follow the directions provided by Rahul @ Helper Blogger. These are simple and do not involve changes to your html blog code.
  • Next you will need to re-size book images. You can use Photobucket, Flicker or any web-based photo edit shop. You will need to determine the slider width for your blog and adjust both Rahul’s script and your images. (Remember that your images must be stored on the web and not your computer.)
  • Following Rahul’s instructions add image URL, post link URL and description.
  • I recommend copying and pasting script into Scribe or a doc to edit and then copying code into your blog as per Rahul’s instructions.

2. How do I request an ARC for a Book and what information should I send publisher?


Publishers like to see blogs that consistently post and have been active for at least a year. (but you can begin requests sooner) If you are using NetGalley/Edelweiss be sure you are reviewing books on time. Once you’ve meet that criteria you are ready to request a book.

Go to the publishers website of the book you desire and look up contact us. Generally you are looking for publicity or marketing dept. Once you have an email:

  1. Know the book title, author and ISBN number as well as publisher.
  2. Compose your email and include the following:
  • In subject line state ARC request and title of book and author
  • If you know the publicist name use it, if not Dear name of publishing house
  • State your name, blog(with link) and briefly describe it. example: Ya blogger, paranormal book reviews etc.
  • State book, author and ISBN number and why you personally would like to review/share with your followers. Keep it short and sweet.
  • Next share your blog stats. For example: my blog has xxxx followers and realizes xxxxx unique visitors a day. Do not fabricate, a quick look at your blog will show them this. If you are a small blog, be passionate, state you are growing daily etc.
  • Advise them you will email them a direct link of your review and when you intend to post it. Also state a willingness to participate in blog tour, guest interview etc. If you also post reviews to consumer sites and Goodreads advise them you will post reviews there as well.
  • Thank them for considering your request.
  • Below your signature be sure to provide your mailing address and links to all social media sites associated with your blog.

Publishers do not have a lot of time, so be brief and professional.  Do not be disappointed if you do not get a response, and try again for the next book. (I requested a book and didn’t hear anything and it showed up in the mail ..wahoo!) 

3. OMG! They said, “YES!” ,”Now what?”

  • When you get a positive response and receive direct contact from a publicist at the publishing house..that person is YOUR contact. Do not lose their email address!
  • Read and Post your review in a timely manner. Most publishers prefer it publish within 30 days of or after publication date. Not sure? Ask.
  • Email publicist and provide them with direct link, advise them if you posted review anywhere else. Thank them, state you look forward to working with them again and to feel free to contact you regarding reviews, promotional tours, etc.
  • When the next book comes around that you’d like to review email your contact and address them personally and ask for new book.

4. Contacting an author for an ARC:

  • Published authors will have a limited supply of ARC’s, but self published are usually grateful for your interest. Send them the same professional email as you would a publisher and extend them the same courtesy.

5. I just started, how do I get ARC’s?

  • NetGalley
  • Edelweiss
  • Giveaways-from Goodreads, Facebook and author’s pages
  • Like publisher’s facebook pages, share links of reviews you’ve written that were published by them.
  • Tweet your reviews and @ the publishers (I have actual been offered arcs this way)
  • Showcase a book you’d love to review on Waiting on Wednesday-tweet the author and/or publisher the link (I have been offered an arc)
  • Remember what I said about being organized last month, when the ARC offers begin to come do not say, “Yes” to everyone, choose books in genres you like and only accept those you can read in a specific time frame. (check calendar and release date)

If you want to know “How Did you do That?!? email me your questions. 


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