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21st Dec

Guest Review: Good Time Coming by C.S. Harris

Good Time Coming
by C.S. Harris
Genres: Historical Fiction
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A powerful tale of the survival of the women and children left behind during the American Civil War by the author of the Sebastian St Cyr mysteries.»
It s the beginning of the American Civil War and the Union army is sailing down the Mississippi, leaving death and destruction in its wake.
The graceful river town of St. Francisville, Louisiana, has known little of the hardships, death, and destruction of the War. But with the fall of New Orleans, all changes. A Federal fleet appears on the Mississippi, and it isn t long before the depredations and attacks begin.
For one Southern family the dark blue uniform of the Union army is not the only thing they fear. A young girl stops a vicious attack on her mother and the town must pull together to keep each other safe. But a cryptic message casts doubt amongst the town s folk. Is there a traitor in the town and can anybody be trusted?
Twelve-year-old Amrie and her family have never felt entirely accepted by their neighbors, due to their vocal abolitionist beliefs. But when Federal forces lay siege to the nearby strongholds of Vicksburg and Port Hudson, the women and children of St. Francisville find themselves living in a no man s land between two warring armies. Realizing they must overcome their differences and work together to survive, they soon discover strengths and abilities they never knew they possessed, and forge unexpected friendships.
As the violence in the area intensifies, Amrie comes to terms with her own capacity for violence and realizes that the capacity for evil exists within all of us. And when the discovery of a closely guarded secret brings the wrath of the Federal army down on St. Francisville, the women of St. Francisville, with whom Amrie and her mother have shared the war years many deprivations and traumas, now unite and risk their own lives to save them.

Today I once again have Sophia Rose from Delighted Reader sharing a guest review. I am excited to hear her thoughts on Good Time Coming. The story takes place at the beginning of the Civil War, and I am drawn to this time period. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy!

Sophia Rose’s Review

When I think of American Civil War stories, I generally picture the bloody battles and misery of war on the battlefront. CS Harris showed how this war of brother against brother touched the lives of those back home who lived in the middle of the battleground and were equally ravaged by war. The author gave a face and a personality to a whole group of people and it made the devastating and brutal history of this time come alive.

Alright, Good Time Coming grabbed me by the emotions and took me to the gritty world of life in a war zone for a girl, her family, and community. It was achingly sad and horrific. I appreciate the work and the honesty that went into telling such a story. My perspective on that era in history has been enriched as a result.

The community the author created in that small southern Louisiana town was colorful and many faceted with the immigrants, the old planter families, the free and slave, transplants from the north, and the fact that it was mostly old men, young boys, and women folk. It was interesting how the war had a way of breaking down the class and color differences a bit, though some were staunch no matter what.

Another element that stood out to me was this was not just a story of the war, but of women’s history. There were ladies who clung to the old ways and some stepped out of their old roles to do what needed doing like Amrie’s mother. She essentially became the town doctor and had the training, but not the credential because women weren’t allowed. It was also a transitional time because of war. Women would struggle to go back to the old roles. Amrie has dreams of following her mother in studying medicine, but she is determined to have the degree and title of ‘doctor’.

As to Amrie, herself, she starts out a typical self-absorbed kid who lives and loves but sees everything through a narrow scope. But then slowly, she learns that she knew next to nothing about the people around her and their motivations until she is forced to re-evaluate everything and everyone. People’s true selves come to the surface in times of war and loss. She learns most of all that she didn’t really know herself, either.

All in all, Good Time Coming was an amazing and captivating story filled with action, suspense, and much character development set against a small southern town during the Civil War years. My only niggle is that I wanted more of Amrie’s story beyond the ending point. Yes, so good I wanted more. I highly recommend this book to those who love Civil War era historical fiction and those who want authentic women’s history.

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